K&F Fachstelle Kinder&Familien

About us

Since 1998, K&F (short for Kinder & Familien, Children and Families) has been actively involved in supporting families and schools with their child care needs. Our team is committed to:

  • the promotion, education and care of children,
  • improving conditions for parents who need to reconcile job and family,
  • relieving parents,
  • equal opportunities and the integration of children.

We are in charge of:

We operate the branch offices for:

We are networking with:

  •  Alliance Enfance - The Swiss Federation for children
  • Schweiz. Verband Bildung und Betreuung – The Swiss Federation for School-affiliated Day-care (Membership)
  • Frauenzentrale Aargau - The Aargau Women’s Centre (Membership)
  • kibesuisse, Verband Kinderbetreuung Schweiz - The Swiss Childcare Federation (Board membership)
  • OdA Aargau - A non-profit organisation which promotes training for the social and medical professions. (Member of Education Commission)

Our target groups are:

  • Individuals
  • Local authorities
  • Cantons
  • Schools
  • Child care institutions
  • Social service organisations
  • Enterprises
  • Action groups

Our services include:

  • Consulting expertise (Budgeting, quality management, legal provisions, space and technical requirements, educational aspects)
  • Individual support in finding adequate child care
  • Project support (in establishing new care facilities)
  • Quality inspections for care facilities, in connection with operating permits or as a supervisory authority (organisational and orientational quality)


Fachstelle Kinder&Familien
Limmatauweg 18g
CH-5408 Ennetbaden
+41 (0)56 222 01 03